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Classification and Safety Score Evaluation of Street Images Using CNN
Kyu Ho Bae, Jung Un Yun, and In Kyu Park
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.345-350, May, 2018
Multi-modal Emotion Recognition using Semi-supervised Learning and Mul…
Dae Ha Kim and Byung Cheol Song
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.351-360, May, 2018
DNN Based Multi-spectrum Pedestrian Detection Method Using Color and T…
Yongwoo Lee and Jitae Shin
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.361-368, May, 2018
HVS-Aware Single-Shot HDR Imaging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Netw…
An Gia Vien and Chul Lee
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.369-382, May, 2018
A Technical Analysis on Deep Learning based Image and Video Compressio
Seunghyun Cho, Younhee Kim, Woong Lim, Hui Yong Kim, and Jin Soo Choi
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.383-394, May, 2018
User Identification Method using Palm Creases and Veins based on Deep …
Seulbeen Kim and Wonjun Kim
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.395-402, May, 2018
CBIR-based Data Augmentation and Its Application to Deep Learning
Sesong Kim and Seung-Won Jung
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.403-408, May, 2018
Object Tracking on Bitstreams Using a Motion Vector-based Particle Fil…
Jongseok Lee and Seoung-Jun Oh
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.409-420, May, 2018
Recognition of Overlapped Sound and Influence Analysis Based on Wideba…
Young Eon Kim and Gooman Park
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.421-430, May, 2018
Fast Thumbnail Extraction Algorithm with Partial Decoding for HEVC
Wonjin Lee and Jechang Jeong
JBE, Vol. 23, no. 3, pp.431-436, May, 2018
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