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JBE, vol. 27, no. 5, pp.751-761, September, 2022


3D Volumetric Capture-based Dynamic Face Production for Hyper-Realistic Metahuman

Moon-Seok Oh, Gyu-Hoon Han, and Young-Ho Seo

C.A E-mail: hyper-realistic, metahuman, volumetric, face model, 3d scanning, metaverse


With the development of digital graphics technology, the metaverse has become a significant trend in the content market. The demand for technology that generates high-quality 3D (dimension) models is rapidly increasing. Accordingly, various technical attempts are being made to create high-quality 3D virtual humans represented by digital humans. 3D volumetric capture is spotlighted as a technology that can create a 3D manikin faster and more precisely than the existing 3D model creation method. In this study, we try to analyze 3D high-precision facial production technology based on practical cases of the difficulties in content production and technologies applied in volumetric 3D and 4D model creation. Based on the actual model implementation case through 3D volumetric capture, we considered techniques for 3D virtual human face production and producted a new metahuman using a graphics pipeline for an efficient human facial generation.

Keyword: hyper-realistic, metahuman, volumetric, face model, 3d scanning, metaverse

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