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JBE, vol. 27, no. 5, pp.718-727, September, 2022


Pose Creation of Character in Two-Dimensional Cartoon through Human Pose Estimation

Hieyong Jeong and Choonsung Shin

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The Korean domestic cartoon industry has grown explosively by 65% compared to the previous year. Then the market size is expected to exceed KRW 1 trillion. However, excessive work results in health deterioration. Moreover, this working environment makes the production of human resources insufficient, repeating a vicious cycle. Although some tasks require creation activity during cartoon production, there are still a lot of simple repetitive tasks. Therefore, this study aimed to develop a method for creating a character pose through human pose estimation (HPE). The HPE is to detect key points for each joint of a user. The primary role of the proposed method was to make each joint of the character match that of the human. The proposed method enabled us to create the pose of the two-dimensional cartoon character through the results. Furthermore, it was possible to save the static image for one character pose and the video for continuous character pose.

Keyword: pose-to-pose animation, human pose estimation, pose creation of cartoon character

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