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JBE, vol. 27, no. 5, pp.638-653, September, 2022


3D Clothes Modeling of Virtual Human for Metaverse

Hyun Woo Kim, Dong Eon Kim, Yujin Kim, and In Kyu Park

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In this paper, we propose the new method of creating 3D virtual-human reflecting the pattern of clothes worn by the person in the high-resolution whole body front image and the body shape data about the person. To get the pattern of clothes, we proceed Instance Segmentation and clothes parsing using Cascade Mask R-CNN. After, we use Pix2Pix to blur the boundaries and estimate the background color and can get UV-Map of 3D clothes mesh proceeding UV-Map base warping. Also, we get the body shape data using SMPL-X and deform the original clothes and body mesh. With UV-Map of clothes and deformed clothes and body mesh, user finally can see the animation of 3D virtual-human reflecting user’s appearance by rendering with the state-of-the game engine, i.e. Unreal Engine.

Keyword: Metaverse, virtual human, 3D cloth modeling

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