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JBE, vol. 27, no. 4, pp., July, 2022


Dataset Search System Using Metadata-Based Ranking Algorithm

Wooyoung Choi and Jonghoon Chun

C.A E-mail: Dataset, Search, Metadata, Ranking, Big data


Recently, as the requirements for using big data have increased, interest in dataset search technology needed for data analysis is also growing. Although it is necessary to proactively utilize metadata, unlike conventional text search, research on such dataset search systems has not been actively carried out. In this paper, we propose a new dataset-tailored search system that indexes metadata of datasets and performs dataset search based on metadata indices. The ranking given to the dataset search results from a newly devised algorithm that reflects the unique characteristics of the dataset. The system provides the capability to search for additional datasets which correlate with the dataset searched by the user-submitted query so that multiple datasets needed for analysis can be found at once.  

Keyword: Dataset, Search, Metadata, Ranking, Big data

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