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JBE, vol. 27, no. 4, pp.527-537, July, 2022


Survey on Deep learning-based Content-adaptive Video Compression Techniques

Changwoo Han, Hongil Kim, Hyun-ku Kang, Hyoungjin Kwon, Sung-Chang Lim, and Seung-Won Jung

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As multimedia contents demand and supply increase, internet traffic around the world increases. Several standardization groups are striving to establish more efficient compression standards to mitigate the problem. In particular, research to introduce deep learning technology into compression standards is actively underway. Despite the fact that deep learning-based technologies show high performance, they suffer from the domain gap problem when test video sequences have different characteristics of training video sequences. To this end, several methods have been made to introduce content-adaptive deep video compression. In this paper, we will look into these methods by three aspects: codec information-aware methods, model selection methods, and information signaling methods.

Keyword: Contents adaptive filtering, Deep-learning, In-loop filtering, Post-processing, Video compression

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