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JBE, vol. 26, no. 5, pp.652-655, September, 2021


Motion Vector Resolution Decision Algorithm based on Neural Network for Fast VVC Encoding

Han-gyul Baek and Sang-hyo Park

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Among various inter prediction techniques of Versatile Video Coding (VVC), adaptive motion vector resolution (AMVR) technology has been adopted. However, for AMVR, various MVs should be tested per each coding unit, which needs a computation of rate-distortion cost and results in an increase in encoding complexity. Therefore, in order to reduce the encoding complexity of AMVR, it is necessary to effectively find an optimal AMVR mode. In this paper, we propose a lightweight neural network-based AMVR decision algorithm based on more diverse datasets. 

Keyword: VVC, inter prediction, motion vector resolution, encoding complexity, Multi-layer perceptron

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