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JBE, vol. 26, no. 5, pp.643-651, September, 2021


Yoga of Consilience through Immersive Sound Experience

Jinoh Hyon

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Most people acquire information visually. Screens of computers, smart phones, etc. constantly stimulate people's eyes, increasing fatigue. In this social phenomenon, the realistic and rich sound of the 21st century's state-of-art sound system can affect people's bodies and minds in various ways. Through sound, human beings are given space to calm and observe themselves. The purpose of this paper is to introduce immersive yoga training based on 3D sound conducted together by ALgruppe & Rory's PranaLab and to promote the understanding of immersive audio system. As a result, people, experienced immersive yoga, not only enjoy the effect of sound, but also receive a powerful energy that gives them a sense of inner self-awareness. This is a response to multidisciplinary exchange required by the knowledge of modern society, and at the same time, informs the possibility of new cultural contents.

Keyword: immersive sound, immersive yoga, yoga of consilience, yoga training, multidisciplinary exchange

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