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JBE, vol. 26, no. 5, pp.621-642, September, 2021


A Study on the Comparative Analysis of UHD Video Quality from Audience Viewpoint

Yong Suk Cho, Dong Chul Min, and Seong Jhin Choi

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In this paper, the subjective video quality assessment of the content quality was to examine by the assessors about the three content quality of HD, Up-scaling UHD, 4K UHD Native that is currently broadcasted. The comparative assessment was conducted using three types of TV sets, 55, 65, 75 inches, at a distance of 2.5 meters which is the distance of watching TV in general households. Among the participants who took part in the video quality evaluating experiment and the questionnaire survey, the answering data of the final 169 persons were adopted after removing the data of 4 persons who answered inadequately in the evaluation of the video quality. The effects of gender, preference of program genre, size of TV sets were analyzed statistically using SPSS 25.0 analysis package. In addition to these, the objective video quality assessment through the measuring instrument was performed, and compared with the results of subjective video quality assessment.

Keyword: Subjective Assessment, Objective Measurement, Preference of program genre, Image Quality, DSCQS(Double-stimulus continuous quality scale)

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