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JBE, vol. 26, no. 5, pp.592-598, September, 2021


A Display Method of Image Information and URL Using the Message Structures of Emergency Alert Broadcasts for 5G Cellular Communications

Sekchin Chang

C.A E-mail:


Current cellular systems rely on a CBS protocol for emergency alert broadcast services. However, the CBS protocol just specifies the delivery of a limited text message. Therefore, foreigners, who are unfamiliar with local characters, may have some difficulties in understanding the received CBS text message. The CBS protocol also reveals a distinct restriction in delivering abundant information because of a limited number of text characters. In order to overcome the weak points of the current CBS protocol, we propose a display method of image information and URL on the screens of mobile terminals for the received CBS text message in this paper. The presented approach effectively utilizes the message structure of CBS for 5G cellular systems.   

Keyword: Image Information, Message Structure, Cell Broadcast Service, 5G Cellular Communications

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