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JBE, vol. 26, no. 5, pp.583-591, September, 2021


Analysis on Determinants of OTT Service Experience and AVOD/SVOD Service Use

Jae Ho Lee and Sang Un Lee

C.A E-mail: OTT(Over-the-Top), AVOD, SVOD, OTT Service Experience, OTT Service Use


This paper explores variables that influence the prediction of OTT service experience and free(AVOD)/ paid(SVOD) service use. Research results showed that five variables such as gender, age, personal income, household composition, and e-commerce use experience had a significant impact on identifying OTT service experience and whether to use free or paid services. Also, it was found that the probability of using SVOD increases as they prefer news and drama genres and use OTT services for more time. In summary, those who are relatively young, have a high personal income, and are more adapted to digital environments such as e-commerce are more likely to use SVOD.

Keyword: OTT(Over-the-Top), AVOD, SVOD, OTT Service Experience, OTT Service Use

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