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JBE, vol. 26, no. 4, pp.377-389, July, 2021


Study of Implementation as Digital Twin Framework for Vertical Smart Farm

Tae Hwan Ko, Seok Bong Noe, Dong Hee Noh, Ju Hwan Choi, and Tae Beom Lim

C.A E-mail: vertical smart-farm, digital twin, eclipse ditto, big-data, framework


This paper presents a framework design of a digital twin system for a vertical smart farm. In this paper, a framework of digital twin systems establishes three factors: 1) Client 2) IoT gateway, and 3) Server. Especially, IoT gateway was developed using the Eclipse Ditto, which has been commonly used as the standard open hardware platform for digital twin. In particular, each factor is communicating with the client, IoT gateway, and server by defining the message sequence such as initialization and data transmission. In this paper, we describe the digital twin technology trend and major platform. The proposed design has been tested in a testbed of the lab-scale vertical smart-farm. The sensor data is received from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2020. In this paper, a prototype digital twin system that collects environment and control data through a raspberry pi in a plant factory and visualizes it in a virtual environment was developed.

Keyword: vertical smart-farm, digital twin, eclipse ditto, big-data, framework

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