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JBE, vol. 26, no. 2, pp.143-154, March, 2021


Adaptive Wavelet Transform for Hologram Compression

Jin-Kyum Kim, Kwan-Jung Oh, Jin-Woong Kim, Dong-Wook Kim, and Young-Ho Seo

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In this paper, we propose a method of compressing digital hologram standardized data provided by JPEG Pleno. In numerical reconstruction of digital holograms, the addition of random phases for visualization reduces speckle noise due to interference and doubles the compression efficiency of holograms. Holograms are composed of completely complex floating point data, and due to ultra-high resolution and speckle noise, it is essential to develop a compression technology tailored to the characteristics of the hologram. First, frequency characteristics of hologram data are analyzed using various wavelet filters to analyze energy concentration according to filter types. Second, we introduce the subband selection algorithm using energy concentration. Finally, the JPEG2000, SPIHT, H.264 results using the Daubechies 9/7 wavelet filter of JPEG2000 and the proposed method are used to compress and restore, and the efficiency is analyzed through quantitative quality evaluation compared to the compression rate.

Keyword: Hologram, Discrete Wavelete Transform, Signal Processing, Zero-tree, Compression

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