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JBE, vol. 25, no. 5, pp.770-775, September, 2020


Activated Viewport based Surveillance Event Detection in 360-degree Video

Yoo-jeong Shim and Myeong-jin Lee

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Since 360-degree ERP frame structure has location-dependent distortion, existing video surveillance algorithms cannot be applied to 360-degree video. In this paper, an activated viewport based event detection method is proposed for 360-degree video. After extracting activated viewports enclosing object candidates, objects are finally detected in the viewports. These objects are tracked in 360-degree video space for region-based event detection. The proposed method is shown to improve the recall and the false negative rate more than 30% compared to the conventional method without activated viewports.

Keyword: 360-degree video, activated viewport, surveillance event detection, object tracking

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