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JBE, vol. 25, no. 5, pp.723-733, September, 2020


MPEG-I Immersive Audio Standardization Trend

Kyeongok Kang, Misuk Lee, Yong Ju Lee, Jae-hyoun Yoo, Daeyoung Jang and Taejin Lee

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In this paper, MPEG-I Immersive Audio Standardization and related trends are presented. MPEG-I Immersive Audio, which is under the development of standard documents at the exploration stage, can make a user interact with a virtual scene in 6 DoF manner and perceive sounds realistic and matching the user’s spatial audio experience in the real world, in VR/AR environments that are expected as killer applications in hyper-connected environments such as 5G/6G. In order to do this, MPEG Audio Working Group has discussed the system architecture and related requirements for the spatial audio experience in VR/AR, audio evaluation platform (AEP) and encoder input format (EIF) for assessing the performance of submitted proponent technologies, and evaluation procedures.

Keyword: MPEG, Immersive audio, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

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