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JBE, vol. 25, no. 5, pp.665-671, September, 2020


An Atlas Generation Method with Tiny Blocks Removal for Efficient 3DoF+ Video Coding

Sung-Gyun Lim, Hyun-Ho Kim, and Jae-Gon Kim

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MPEG-I is actively working on standardization on the coding of immersive video which provides up to 6 degree of freedom (6DoF) in terms of viewpoint. 3DoF+ video, which provides motion parallax to omnidirectional view of 360 video, renders a view at any desired viewpoint using multiple view videos acquisitioned in a limited 3D space covered with upper body motion at a fixed position. The MPEG-I visual group is developing a test model called TMIV (Test Model for Immersive Video) in the process of development of the standard for 3DoF+ video coding. In the TMIV, the redundancy between a set of input view videos is removed, and several atlases are generated by packing patches including the remaining texture and depth regions into frames as compact as possible, and coded. This paper presents an atlas generation method that removes small-sized blocks in the atlas for more efficient 3DoF+ video coding. The proposed method shows a performance improvement of BD-rate bit savings of 0.7% and 1.4%, respectively, in natural and graphic sequences compared to TMIV.

Keyword: MPEG-I, 3DoF+, Immersive video, Atlas, TMIV, 360 video

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