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JBE, vol. 25, no. 4, pp.475-486, July, 2020


Production Technology for Multi-face Convergence Performance

Mi You, Tae-Woong Son, and Sang-Il Kim

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This paper is a thesis on media art technology for high-tech performances and exhibitions. After creating an interactive stroke in VR, it is projected in real time through a media facade technique. Among our traditional dramas emphasizing linear movements, movements were extracted from the Bongsan mask dance, and the movements of the lines were used in a media art performance called 'Multi-face Convergence’. When motion data enters the virtual space, geometry consisting of faces is created in the VR space. The created strokes can be set with various brush types, and when performing, a stroke with a red fire effect that matches a dynamic movement was used. It was made to be able to harmonize with the dancers performing the Bongsan mask dance. The medium called VR has characteristics that are not suitable for melting into a performance, but in this performance, it has overcome its limitations by using a technique called media façade. We propose the world's first performance technique that combines interactive strokes with traditional dance performances.

Keyword: Interactive Stroke, Motion Extraction, Tilt Brush, Media Facade

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