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JBE, vol. 25, no. 3, pp.325-337, May, 2020


VVC Intra Triangular Partitioning Prediction for Screen Contents

Jaeryun Choe, Daehyeok Gwon, Heeji Han, Hahyun Lee, Jungwon Kangb) and Haechul Choi

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Versatile Video Coding (VVC) is a new video coding standard that is being developed by the Joint Video Experts Team of ISO/IEC/ITU-T and it has adopted various technologies including screen content coding tools. Screen contents have a feature that blocks are likely to have diagonal edges like character regions. If triangular partitioning coding is allowed for screen contents having such the feature, coding efficiency would increase. This paper proposes a intra prediction method using triangular partitioning prediction for screen content coding. Similar to the Triangular Prediction Mode of VVC that supports the triangular partitioning prediction, the proposed method derives two prediction blocks using Horizontal and Vertical modes and then it blends the predicted blocks applying masks with triangle shape to generate a final prediction block. The experimental results of the proposed method showed an average of 1.86%, 1.49%, and 1.55% coding efficiency in YUV, respectively, for VVC screen content test sequences.

Keyword: Video Coding, VVC, Intra Prediction, Triangular Partitioning, Screen Content Coding

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