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JBE, vol. 24, no. 7, pp.1209-1220, December, 2019


A Study on Projection Conversion for Efficient 3DoF+ 360-Degree Video Streaming

Jong-Beom Jeong, Soonbin Lee, Dongmin Jang, Sungbin Kim, Sangsoon Lee, and Eun-Seok Ryu

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The demand for virtual reality (VR) is rapidly increasing. Providing the immersive experience requires much operation and many data to transmit. For example, a 360-degree video (360 video) with at least 4K resolution is needed to offer an immersive experience to users. Moreover, the MPEG-I group defined three degrees of freedom plus (3DoF+), and it requires the transmission of multiview 360 videos simultaneoulsy. This could be a burden for the VR streaming system. Accordingly, in this work, a bitrate-saving method using projection conversion is introduced, along with experimental results for streaming 3DoF+ 360 video. The results show that projection conversion of 360 video with 360lib shows a Bjontegaard delta bitrate gain of as much as 11.4%

Keyword: 360-Degree Video, 3DoF+, HEVC, Virtual Reality, 360lib, Projection

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