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JBE, vol. 24, no. 4, pp.573-579, July, 2019


Improved Object Recognition using Multi-view Camera for ADAS

Dong-hun Park and Hakil Kim

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To achieve fully autonomous driving, the perceptual skills of the surrounding environment must be superior to those of humans. The 60°angle, 120°wide angle cameras, which are used primarily in autonomous driving, have their disadvantages depending on the viewing angle. This paper uses a multi-angle object recognition system to overcome each of the disadvantages of wide and narrow-angle cameras. Also, the aspect ratio of data acquired with wide and narrow-angle cameras was analyzed to modify the SSD(Single Shot Detector) algorithm, and the acquired data was learned to achieve higher performance than when using only monocular cameras.

Keyword: Object Detection, Multi-Angle Camera, Deep learning, Light Weight, Vehicle camera system

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