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JBE, vol. 24, no. 4, pp.553-563, July, 2019


Video Highlight Prediction Using Multiple Time-Interval Information of Chat and Audio

Eunyul Kim and Gyemin Lee

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As the number of videos uploaded on live streaming platforms rapidly increases, the demand for providing highlight videos is increasing to promote viewer experiences. In this paper, we present novel methods for predicting highlights using chat logs and audio data in videos. The proposed models employ bi-directional LSTMs to understand the contextual flow of a video. We also propose to use the features over various time-intervals to understand the mid-to-long term flows. The proposed Our methods are demonstrated on e-Sports and baseball videos collected from personal broadcasting platforms such as Twitch and Kakao TV. The results show that the information from multiple time-intervals is useful in predicting video highlights.

Keyword: Video highlight, Multiple time-interval models, Bi-directional LSTM, Chat logs, Audio

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