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JBE, vol. 24, no. 1, pp.3-24, January, 2019


Color and Illumination Compensation Algorithm for 360 VR Panorama Image

Da-yoon Nam and Jong-Ki Han

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Techniques related to 360 VR service have been developed to improve the quality of the stitched image and video, where illumination compensation scheme is one of the important tools. Among the conventional illumination compensation algorithms, Gain-based compensation and Block Gain-based compensation algorithms have shown the outstanding performances in the process of making panorama picture. However, those are ineffective in the 360 VR service, because the disparity between illuminations of the multiple pictures in 360 VR is much more than that in making the panorama picture. In addition, the number of the pictures to be stitched in 360 VR system is more than that in the conventional panorama image system. Thus, we propose a preprocessing tool to enhance the illumination compensation algorithm so that the method reduces the degradation in the stitched picture of 360 VR systems. The proposed algorithm consists of ‘color compensation’ and ‘illumination compensation’. The simulation results show that the proposed technique improve the conventional techniques without additional complexity.

Keyword: Illumination Compensation, 360 VR, Image Stitching, Panorama Image

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