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JBE, vol. 23, no. 6, pp.939-946, November, 2018


Implementation of Omni-directional Image Viewer Program for Effective Monitoring

So-Yeon Jeon, Cheong-Hwa Kim, and Goo-Man Park

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In this paper, we implement a viewer program that can monitor effectively using omni-directional images. The program consists of four modes: Normal mode, ROI(Region of Interest) mode, Tracking mode, and Auto-rotation mode, and the results for each mode is displayed simultaneously. In the normal mode, the wide angle image is rendered as a spherical image to enable pan, tilt, and zoom. In ROI mode, the area is displayed expanded by selecting an area. And, in Auto-rotation mode, it is possible to track the object by mapping the position of the object with the rotation angle of the spherical image to prevent the object from deviating from the spherical image in Tracking mode. Parallel programming for processing of multiple modes is performed to improve the processing speed. This has the advantage that various angles can be seen compared with surveillance system having a limited angle of view.

Keyword: Video analysis system, Spherical image mapping, Object tracking, Auto-rotation

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