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JBE, vol. 23, no. 6, pp.931-938, November, 2018


The Analysis of D-CATV VOD Service Users and Their Usage Patterns

Won Young Kang, Chang Ho Seo, and Seong Jhin Choi

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D-CATV VOD service provides various contents such as drama and movie with high quality regardless of time and place. As the usage time of the VOD service increases, the viewing time of real-time terrestrial broadcasting is shortened. As the demand for VOD service is high and the number of digital users is increasing, the VOD market is rapidly growing. Therefore this study investigates the age and gender analysis of digital cable TV users and analyzed the usage patterns and audience cases of users. VOD service has been shown to be used by many users for the first time through remote control and free coupons. Non-users of VOD service did not use it because of charge and did not feel the necessity, but some non-users did not recognize the free VOD service.

Keyword: D-CATV, IPTV, TVOD, FOD, Non-user

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