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JBE, vol. 23, no. 5, pp.701-713, September, 2018


Music Industry Using Blockchain Technology: Trends and Future Prospects

Yunhwa Koh

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the changes of the digital music platforms and digital profit distribution issues which are considered to be the most important part of the application to the Global music industry based on the block chain system. This attempt is not to reveal the success of the block chain and the value judgment in the societies that will come in the future. How to apply the original function of the block chain in the field of the music industry, which has changed a lot in the digital era, this paper focused on what we need to work on. First, I will briefly review the structure and major functions of the block chain system and the crypto-currency, and examine the link between the blockchain and the music industry. In addition, I will focus on some overseas’ cases that are actually applied, and examine the possibility of applying them in the domestic music industry. Through this, I expect that this article will become a cornerstone for discussing the development direction of the music industry, especially the Korean music industry, which is constantly changing due to the technological advancement process.

Keyword: Blockchain, Crypto-currency, Music industry, Profit distribution

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