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JBE, vol. 23, no. 5, pp.693-700, September, 2018


Medium to Long Range Wireless Video Transmission Scheme in 2.4GHz Band with Beamforming

Junghoon Paik, Namho Kim, and Minki Jee

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In this paper, we propose a wireless video transmission scheme, providing medium and long range communication in the 2.4GHz band with beamforming. With this scheme, it is shown that the transmission rate of 32Mbps and received signal power of -77dBm is achieved with 4 antennas of 5dBi and 16dBm transmit power at each antenna connection for the distance of 3.6km. The scheme also provides transmission distance of 20km for 10~12Mbps with the 4 omni-directional antennas of 5dBi.


Keyword: wireless video transmission, medium and long communication distance, beamforming, modulation and coding scheme

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