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JBE, vol. 23, no. 5, pp.606-613, September, 2018


Implementation of External Memory Expansion Device for Large Image Processing

Yongseok Choi and Hyejin Lee

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This study is concerned with implementing an external memory expansion device for large-scale image processing. It consists of an external memory adapter card with a PCI(Peripheral Component Interconnect) Express Gen3 x8 interface mounted on a graphics workstation for image processing and an external memory board with external DDR(Dual Data Rate) memory. The connection between the memory adapter card and the external memory board is made through the optical interface. In order to access the external memory, both Programmable I/O and DMA(Direct Memory Access) methods can be used to efficiently transmit and receive image data. We implemented the result of this study using the boards equipped with Altera Stratix V FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) and 40G optical transceiver and the test result shows 1.6GB/s bandwidth performance.. It can handle one channel of 4K UHD(Ultra High Density) image. We will continue our study in the future for showing bandwidth of 3GB/s or more.

Keyword: Large-scale Image Processing, High Performance Computing, Memory Expansion Device, Programmable I/O, Direct Memory Access

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