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JBE, vol. 23, no. 1, pp.63-73, January, 2018


A Study for Virtual Reality 360 Video Production Workflow with HDR Using log Shooting

Chulhyun Kim

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These days, VR contents are created in three ways: CG based method, game engine based method, and live action shooting method. The most universal method is live action shooting. So far, most live actions are shot with action cams. Therefore, this method is different from professional image production method for movies and TV dramas. This study tries to point out the difference between professional image production method and action cam based shooting method, and proposes an alternative. The proposed method is log shooting based HDR filming and editing. As the result of test shooting and editing, the proposed method was able to obtain more color information than conventional action cam based shooting method and thereby to implement high-definition images which are hard in an action cam.

Keyword: VR, 360 degree, 360 shooting, HDR VR

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