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JBE, vol. 23, no. 1, pp.19-25, January, 2018


C-P-N-D Ecosystem-based Broadcasting/Media Virtual Reality (VR) Prospects

Jongseok Lee, Kyoowon Suh, and Sanghun Nam

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The growth of virtual reality(VR), which is regarded as a part of the 4th industrial revolution, is being delayed differently from the prediction. In this study, we briefly analyze these reasons from the point of view of CPND ecosystem. Virtual reality is a technology in which a user wears a device and accesses a platform through a network to use various contents. Therefore, balanced development of C-P-N-D ecosystem fields is important for successful popularization of virtual reality. In Korea, content, platforms, and devices, except for the network, are evaluated as having low competitiveness. While efforts to secure competitiveness in individual fields are important, it is also necessary to nurture network-based platforms that can utilize killer content. It should be kept in mind that simple breeding of killer content alone can not build an entire virtual reality C-P-N-D ecosystem, and the broadcast / media sector also needs to take this approach.


Keyword: Virtual Reailty, VR, Broadcasting/Media, C-P-N-D Ecosystem, Market Prospects

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