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JBE, vol. 22, no. 5, pp.665-670, September, 2017


Broadband Active RF Attenuator with Maximun Attenuation of -110dBm

Junghoon Paik

C.A E-mail:


In this paper, we propose an implementation technology for an active attenuator with the maximum attenuation of 110dBm in the frequency band of 50MHz to 2,15GHz. It provides USB interface to connect to PC providing GUI that sets signal frequency and attenuation step of minimum 1dB. As it attenuates the input signal level down to 110dBm, circuit and equipment design technologies are applied to control both internal and external electro-magnetic noises.. Through the performance test, it is assured that it attenuates input signal level down to 110dBm for the input signal levels of 10 to 30dBm.


Keyword: attenuator, active, broadband, broadcasting signal, -110dBm

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