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JBE, vol. 22, no. 5, pp.589-599, September, 2017


A Preliminary Study of MPEG-V Scent effects on Virtual Reality Content

Yong-Chul Lim, Sang-Kyun Kim, and YoungMi Lee

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This paper introduces a system to reproduce the olfactory effect using the MPEG-V (ISO / IEC 23005) standard to verify the reliability of the fragrance used in the olfactory experiment Using the implemented system, with experiment participant wearing HMD(Head Mounted Display), we carried out one-to-one matching of aroma and scent object images, matching images of aroma and many scent objects, matching of aroma and fragrance object images, and analyzing distance preference. The results of the experiment showed that aroma of coffee, cocoa, banana, and peach aroma is suitable scent for testing. In case of coffee aroma with high matching accuracy, 10 ~ 20cm distance between smell and participant was more effective in image matching than 30cm. In the future, we can conduct the olfactory research for enhancing the sense of immersion and presence of virtual reality contents using the selected fragrance

Keyword: Virtual Reality, scent display, immersion, MPEG-V, quality of experience

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