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JBE, vol. 22, no. 5, pp.570-578, September, 2017


Design and Implementation of Receiver’s Buffer Model for Stably Receiving a Hierarchically Encoded UHD Content Based on MMT

SeulKi Song, JongHo Bang, and JongHo Paik

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Recently, with the development of broadcasting communication, users expect to receive high quality and various broadcasting services anytime, anywhere. In the case of terrestrial broadcasting, HD broadcasting and mobile broadcasting are provided at different frequencies. In the case of terrestrial UHD, which recently started trial broadcasting, 700MHz frequency is used which is different from the existing one. If the contents of the same contents are transmitted at different frequencies, it can be considered ineffective in terms of the use efficiency of the terrestrial broadcast frequency. As a method to solve this problem, a transmission system model and a service have been proposed for transmitting the hierarchical encoded UHD contents by SHVC on the basis of the multimedia transmission technology MMT in a heterogeneous network environment combining broadcast network and communication network. However, it is still in the initial stage of study the receiving model that can reliably receive various quality UHD contents in various environments such as mobile and fixed environment. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a receive buffer model that can reliably receive UHD contents layered on SHVC based on MMT.

Keyword: Buffer Model, MMT, SHVC, UHD, Broadcasting System

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