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JBE, vol. 22, no. 5, pp.560-569, September, 2017


Design and Implementation of MMT PI-based Scene Composition Information for Hierarchically Encoded UHD Contents

Sunyoung Hong and Jongho Paik

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Recently as the studies on the combined delivery over multiple transmission media are progressed, studies using MMT which is next-generation multimedia transport standard are underway. They are about transmitting video data layered by SHVC through broadcasting network and communication network based on MMT. However, it is difficult to serve synchronized UHD contents in heterogeneous network environment based on MMT, because MMT standard doesn't fully specify the information to indicate the relationship between media. Also, the service that we want to propose in this paper is a broadcasting-based service such as terrestrial broadcasting. Therefore the user must be able to watch various contents continuously. However, the MMT PI(Presentation In- formation) that controls the spatio-temporal layout of a content has been described as providing only one content. In this paper, we propose the structure of MXD document and MMT PI to provide continuous UHD contents service based on heterogeneous network.

Keyword: Broadcasting System, UHD, MMT, HTML5, XML

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